• Additional Commercial Insurance Covers for PNG Organisations

    As your business in PNG changes, so do your insurance needs.

  • Some additional commercial insurance covers for your business, and why

    These additional commercial insurance covers complement the range from Niugini Assurance.

    In the context of additional commercial insurance options, the exterior windows of a commercial building reflect a sunny day (and a range of options)

    Has the risk profile of your PNG organisation changed since the last review?

    As a business grows, its needs change.


    You'll want to meet the unique risk management needs of your business as it develops.


    For example, you might move from leased to owned premises.


    You've worked hard to achieve business growth. But sometimes, surviving is achieving.


    You can give luck a good chance when you have good risk management. That's why you want to look at all your commercial insurance options.


    A well-considered range of commercial insurance covers can help you protect your hard-won gains.


    Then you've done everything you can to get through the bad times.


    So your business can prosper in the future.

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    Additional commercial insurance covers for PNG organisations

    Your business is unique and so are your insurance needs. That's why it can pay to use an independent insurance broker, to help you identify your risk exposures and related insurance needs.


    It's also why you might need additional insurance options, such as the Niugini commercial insurance covers listed below.

    • Electronic Equipment
    • Engineering Fusion
    • Fidelity
    • Glass
    • Machinery Breakdown
    • Money
    • Stock Equipment Floater
    • Stock Floater
    • More ...

    Next Steps? Talk to your independent insurance broker about the range of commercial insurance options available to your business, and ask for a quote from Niugini Assurance.

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