• Why Choose Insurance in PNG

    from Niugini Assurance

    Are you confident you have the most effective insurance available to you in PNG?


    Benefit from our deep understanding of Papua New Guinea and insurance expertise. Niugini Assurance.

  • Our story


    The ability to cover risks requires a deep understanding of people and place, as well as a deep understanding of underwriting.


    With that insight and our love of Papua New Guinea, we formed Niugini Assurance.

  • Our purpose

    At Niugini Assurance, our team is intent on providing you with a contemporary, and home-grown insurance company for Papua New Guinea.


    We are creating an insurance company that's at the forefront of international standards, and that's grounded by the people and place of Papua New Guinea.

  • Our values

    The people at Niugini Assurance strive to be:


    Responsive and decisive

    Committed to strategic partnerships

    Open-minded with a contemporary outlook

    Experienced in risk sectors that are PNG-specific

    Committed to a positive future for Papua New Guinea

  • Our capabilities

    The team at Niugini Assurance is intent on providing you with:


    Effective transactions

    Clear product strategies

    Efficient distribution systems

    Access to independent advice via a broker or bank


  • Our expertise

    At the most senior levels, our leadership people have led highly-successful international and/or local businesses in the insurance and other sectors.

  • Our system

    Some insurance companies are stuck with problematic, outdated systems. In contrast, Niugini Assurance has a proven, contemporary online insurance system.


    Our insurance system enables the Niugini Assurance team to achieve prudent, nimble, and responsive decision-making. These systems advantages help us deliver more effective and sustainable insurance policies for you.

  • Via independent brokers

    Your independent broker represents you, not Niugini Assurance.


    Your broker can help you identify your risks, advise on ways to lower those risks, and show you a range of insurance policy options.


    We wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Personal insurance range

    Niugini Assurance can provide insurance covers for your individual and family situation in Papua New Guinea.

  • Commercial insurance range

    Niugini Assurance is a PNG insurance company. See our range of business insurance policies for small, medium or large organisations in Papua New Guinea.

  • Together, we're better

    With insurance, you help others recover from setbacks.

    In turn, other policy-holders help you, too.

    Together, we're better.


    Niugini Assurance.

  • Breathe easier

    With advice from your independent broker and insurance from Niugini Assurance, you can breathe easier.