• Reasons to Use an Insurance Broker


    Business or family in Papua New Guinea with insurance? Make sure yours is an eligible claim. Read on for more reasons to use an insurance broker.

  • Make sure yours is an eligible claim


    Before you take out a policy, your broker will explain the inclusions and exclusions, and how to manage the risks.

    Then, if you need to claim on your insurance policy, it is more likely that you'll submit an eligible claim.

  • Avoid paying more than necessary

    Direct insurance companies have to factor the overheads of a sales team into their insurance policy pricing. In contrast, Niugini Assurance distributes its policies via independent brokers.


    Niugini Assurance does not have the same overheads as a direct insurance company. As a result, you can expect value from your insurance broker as well as independent advice.


    Ask your broker for an insurance quote from Niugini Assurance.

  • Minimise losses


    When you use an independent insurance broker, we reckon you're more likely to save worry, minimise losses, and secure effective covers.


    That's important to us, too. Because, as an insurance company, we are in the business of paying eligible claims.

  • Get value


    At Niugini Assurance, we believe in the value of independent insurance advice, and we believe in the value of our insurance covers.


    With your interests at heart, Niugini Assurance makes its policies available via independent insurance brokers and banks.