• How to Claim on Your Insurance Policy from Niugini Assurance

    Our team welcomes your eligible claim. After all, that's why you have insurance.

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    Ensure the eligibility of your claim


    Contact your independent insurance broker to discuss your claim.


    Together, review the the terms and conditions of your policy, and consider your case for an eligible insurance claim.



    Download the claims-form document


    Ask your insurance broker to provide you with the relevant claim form, and to guide you through the claims process.


    Or, visit our documents library to find your claim-form and download the PDF.



    Submit your completed claim-form


    Ask your independent insurance broker to help you complete the claim form.


    Via email, submit your insurance claim to the team at Niugini Assurance.



  • Stop any losses, when things go wrong

    When things go wrong, immediately contact your insurance broker.


    Your broker can advise you on how to stop any losses,
    guide you through the claims process,
    and advocate on your behalf.

  • Get an extended claims-support network

    Your insurance broker and the team from Niugini Assurance each has considerable expertise.

    Together, they can offer a network of support services to help put things right for you as a policy-holder.

  • Find your claim form

    Visit our documents library to download the claim forms you need.

    Or, ask your insurance broker to provide you with the relevant forms.

  • Submit your eligible claim

    Insurance contributes to the well-being of our society.

    Niugini Assurance welcomes your eligible insurance claim.

  • Breathe easier with insurance for you in Papua New Guinea

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