• Commercial Motor Insurance for PNG Organisations

    The right commercial vehicle insurance is different for a reason. The downtime from an accident can affect business relationships and reputations.

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    In the context of commercial vehicle insurance, the dashboard of a company vehicle displays a speedometer and other dials

    Repairing your commercial vehicle could be the least of your worries

    The consequences of a motor vehicle accident are on a different level in the commercial world.


    That realisation can feel like a rude awakening.


    As a manager, you're concerned for the welfare of your company driver and any off-siders. And you expect the costs of repair to the vehicle.


    Even minor damage to a company vehicle is not a good look. But what about a major accident?


    Depending on the type of vehicle, you could also face downtime and delayed deliveries or meetings. Those problems can lead to frustrated customers.


    The reputation of the company is on the line.


    You need to organise new stock and get new capacity to fulfil the deliveries. If the accident involved other people or property, it gets worse.


    In that case, your company might find itself in court to defend a liability case.


    The right commercial vehicle insurance policy can help you manage these business risks in a proactive way.

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    When an accident involves your commercial vehicle, the expenses in repairing the vehicle can be high.


    For a commercial enterprise, the total cost of a motor vehicle accident can mean disruption of your business.


    If that translates into missed deliveries and appointments, you also need to factor in the damage to your business reputation.


    That's especially the case when your commercial vehicle is involved in an accident with a third-party vehicle, and your commercial enterprise is held responsible for the accident.


    Your insurance broker can advise on how best to cover these costs.


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