• Contract Works Insurance for PNG Organisations

    When a risk in the complex construction sector turns into a loss, problems can compound. How can insurance help your business to stop the losses?

  • What to look for when considering contract works insurance, and why

    Get insurance covers for your business or professional situation in Papua New Guinea.

    In the context of contract works insurance, a professional person from the construction sector carefully adjusts an architectural model of a contemporary building

    If a problem eventuates on your construction job, don't let the losses compound

    With a business in the construction sector, you're adept at managing complexity.


    It comes with the territory, whether you're a builder, contractor, or machinery or plant owner.


    You might have the ability to assess and respond to a situation.


    But sometimes, the response time depends on more than your team.


    That's when you're glad to have fully considered your contract works insurance cover; especially in a changing world.


    Less downtime can mean fewer consequential losses.


    More effective legal representation can mitigate the reputational risk your business faces.


    Along with a raft of others, those considerations will influence your choice of contract works insurance.

    Site survey instrument icon represents good risk management of construction projects

    Get workers' compensation insurance for PNG

    Perhaps you are a builder, contractor, or owner of various plant and machinery in the construction industry.


    Either way, you know your business faces highly complex risks.


    Teams in the construction sector often need to work within short time frames. When problems arise, your business also needs to minimise costly downtime.


    A Niugini policy for construction insurance can include cover for contract works, boiler explosion, electronic equipment and machinery breakdown.


    The policy can also cover the associated loss of profits following an insured event.


    Time is money, which is where a prompt and expert claims service can make a big difference.


    Next Steps? Talk to your independent insurance broker about contract works insurance, and ask for a quote from Niugini Assurance.

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