• Fire & Perils Insurance for PNG Organisations

    The right fire & perils insurance policy can make a difference for your business in the event of a fire, flood, or other damaging events.

  • What to look for when considering fire and perils insurance, and why

    Get insurance covers for your business or professional situation in Papua New Guinea.

    In the context of fire and perils insurance, a fire sprinkler sits on the ceiling of a commercial building

    Man-made or natural event, you'll need to get your business operational again

    When there's damage to the physical assets of a business, the pain can ripple through a community.


    Fire, flood, impact, or other events - in business, it pays to consider all eventualities.


    That's because material damage to stock, machinery, buildings and equipment can bring a business to its knees.


    With forethought, it is possible to rise again. And when that happens, everyone cheers. Including your insurance company.


    We love to pay eligible claims. It's why we're in business.


    You can apply for a fire and perils insurance policy to cover your organisation's identified exposures to material damage.


    The insurance cover can help your team get operational again, whether the perpetrator was Mother Nature or Human Nature.

    Icon of a key represents the security and safety of a commercial building

    Get fire & perils insurance for PNG

    Typically, an insurance policy for fire and perils can help small-to-medium organisations cover risks of material damage to their business.


    For instance, a fire & perils insurance policy can cover assets such as buildings, plant, stock, and equipment.


    Your independent broker can help you consider any additional clauses you might need. For example, you can ask to extend the policy with clauses for:

    • Animal or Bird Damage

    • Explosion Burglary/ Theft Insurance

    • Impact

    • Storm and Tempest and/ or Rainwater

    • Water - Bursting, Leaking or Overflowing

    • Wind

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