• Industrial Special Risks Insurance for PNG Organisations


    Manage the complexity to help manage the risk - ISR insurance can appeal to large companies that need to manage a raft of material damage exposures, in a smart way.

  • What to look for when considering industrial special risks insurance, and why

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    In the context of ISR insurance, a security camera sits on the exterior of a contemporary commercial building, in contrast to the bright blue sky above the building

    Different types of insurance can cover the same risk but in different ways

    Can a large and complex organisation spell out every exposure it might face?


    That's an important question when it comes to material damage and business interruption insurance.


    Because it starts with the premise of broad cover, an industrial special risks (ISR) policy can appeal to a large organisation.


    Via a range of specific endorsements, the parties can achieve clarity on the level of insurance cover to meet the requirements of the company within its budget.


    In contrast to an ISR insurance policy, a fire and perils (F&P) policy tends to appeal to a small or medium-sized organisation.


    The fire and perils approach to the policy starts with the premise of narrow cover that the client can broaden by deciding on a range of policy extensions.


    For large, complex organisations, the ISR approach to material damage insurance is usually more elegant and easier to manage.

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    Your ISR insurance policy can cover assets such as buildings, plant, stock and equipment.


    Your independent insurance broker can help you consider any additional clauses you might need.


    For example, you can ask to extend the policy with clauses for:

    • AICOW (Additional Increased Cost Of Working)

    • Burglary/Theft insurance

    • Business Interruption

    • Extra Cost of Reinstatement

    • Money

    • And more

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