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    People are more than human resources. Get the right group medical insurance (for employees) in Papua New Guinea, to help you provide benefits and make a difference.

  • What to look for when considering medical insurance for employees, and why

    Get insurance covers for your business or professional situation in Papua New Guinea.

    In the context of group medical insurance for employees, work colleagues help a team mate who has collapsed at work

    Your employees are more than human resources

    When you and your team have a shared vision of the future, you're on a shared journey.


    Together, you celebrate your shared success. And, when things are bad for the business, everyone pulls together.


    But what happens when there's a bad outcome for an individual team member in terms of their health?


    Even the fittest of us can encounter a medical condition and or experience an accident that leads to a dramatic change.


    Imagine if you received a medical diagnosis that affected your health. How would your family cope financially?


    You would need to cover medical costs associated with diagnosis and treatment. How would you factor those additional medical expenses into your budget?


    In the event of a medical issue, it is only natural you'll want the least disruption to your family's current lifestyle and get some financial support for the treatment.


    On an individual level, you will want to consider the situation your family might face if your well-being changes.


    As an employer, you'll want to help. But sometimes there's a difference between what you want to do and what you can do.


    Medical insurance for employees can make it easier to close that gap.


    Icon of a hospital chart represents group medical insurance for employees

    Get group medical insurance (for employees) in PNG

    As an employer, you want to consider the future well-being of your team members.


    With an eligible claim, your foresight can make a difference for your employee and their family.

    The solution starts with a conversation. Consult your independent insurance broker about the best health insurance cover you can offer to your valued employees.


    Via your broker, Niugini Assurance can help your company offer comprehensive health insurance covers to your employees.


    The extent of the policy benefits will depend on which options you choose.


    For example, your Niugini medical insurance policy can include cover for medical expenses associated with diagnosis, surgery and hospitalisation.


    Next Steps? Talk to your independent insurance broker about medical insurance for your employees, and ask for a quote from Niugini Assurance.

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