• Personal Accident Insurance for PNG Residents

    Without personal accident insurance, recovery-related bills can quickly mount up. When there's no income, living expenses can quickly mount up too.

  • What to look for when considering personal accident insurance, and why

    Get insurance covers for your personal and family situation in Papua New Guinea.

    In the context of personal accident insurance, a stethoscope and pen sit on top of the rehabilitation form a medical team will use to track the recovery of a patient

    An accident can hurt in more ways than one

    Accidents happen. You don't want to compound the pain when the solution was readily available.


    What happens if you're impacted by an accident that's not covered by your employer's insurance?


    You might need extended time off work without pay. And your family might need to meet rehabilitation expenses.


    Unfortunately, recovery-related expenses can quickly mount up. When there's no income, living expenses can quickly mount up too.


    In the face of a personal accident, resource constraints can cause anguish to your family and constrain your recovery process.


    Depending on the impact of the accident, you or your family will make the decisions.


    You'll want to make sure your family has the financial resources they need to support your recovery process; but how?


    Personal accident insurance from Niugini Assurance in Papua New Guinea can help you protect your family situation. On this page, you'll find out more.

    Flag icon represents personal accident insurance, referencing the red flag on a health report  of a private individual

    Get personal accident insurance for PNG residents

    If you experience a serious accident, you'll need time to recover, and you'll likely need additional services to enable both the recovery process and normal life.


    Most definitely, you won't want extra worries about the financial implications of that recovery process.


    For those situations, a Niugini personal accident insurance policy offers cover for individuals for Total and Permanent disablement, with flexible options.


    Benefits are provided as periodic payments to help your recovery period following an accident, or a lump-sum payment in the event you experience permanent or temporary disablement, to a person nominated by you or to your family, in the case of death following an accident.


    Ask your independent insurance broker for advice on which inclusions are best for your situation.


    Next Steps? Talk to your independent insurance broker about personal accident insurance, and ask for a quote from Niugini Assurance.

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