• Pleasure-craft Insurance for PNG Residents

    Papua New Guinea's pristine waters beckon. Your ability to balance the risks and rewards of boating helps you select the right pleasure-craft insurance.

  • What to look for when considering marine pleasure-craft insurance, and why

    Get insurance covers for your personal and family situation in Papua New Guinea.

    In the context of marine pleasure-craft insurance, a bleached rope sits neatly coiled on the white deck of a sailing or motor boat

    The risks and rewards of sailing are part of the challenge

    When you're a recreational sailor, you hear the call of the sea.


    Boating promises freedom and exhilaration. And your ability to balance the risks and rewards of sailing is part of the challenge.


    Naturally, you want to protect the investment you've made in your pleasure-craft when it's on the water.


    But there are other considerations too, and they can result in hefty financial burdens for the unprepared.


    Which types of damage and types of situations are included in your marine pleasure-craft insurance?


    Does the policy include cover different types of damage and situations, on or off the water? What about salvage expenses, which can be frightening?


    You'll also want your insurance to offer cover for potential liabilities from damage caused by your boat. That's a biggie.


    It's not just the penalties and court costs to consider, your reputation is important too.


    Marine pleasure-craft insurance from Niugini Assurance can help you protect your personal situation in Papua New Guinea.

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    Get marine pleasure-craft insurance for PNG residents

    When you are a recreational sailor, you hear the call of the sea and the freedom and exhilaration it promises.


    Your ability to balance the risks and rewards of sailing is part of the challenge.


    To protect the investment you've made in your pleasure-craft, you'll want cover for a range of exposures, including damage to the hull, onboard machinery, fishing and other equipment, or the event of a total loss.


    If there is a mishap, you also want to claim for the replacement costs for your personal effects onboard the vessel; and the personal effects of your passengers and crew.


    While no one wants to imagine the worst, you need to know that pleasure-craft salvage costs can escalate at an astounding rate. In that case, you will be glad your pleasure-craft insurance policy includes cover for salvage expenses.


    Please also consider the liabilities that might arise if your pleasure-craft causes damage to the property of another party; look for a policy that includes third-party liability and legal defence costs.


    Suppose you need to take action to prevent an incident or minimise the resultant damage of an incident. In that case, it can help to know your policy allows you to claim the associated expenses.


    Your Niugini pleasure-craft insurance policy can provide cover for the above exposures within geographical limits off the coast of Papua New Guinea.


    The standard policy can apply when the vessel is on the water within the nautical limits of the policy. It can also include cover for when the craft is on the land; for example on the travel lift, in-transit, on the hardstand.


    With policy extensions, you can include cover for cover towing expenses, blue-water sailing exposures, and racing yachts on a temporary mooring.


    When you know and manage the risk exposures through prevention and effective insurance covers, you can revel in the freedom of sailing or cruising.


    Papua New Guinea's pristine waters beckon.


    Next Steps? Talk to your independent insurance broker about pleasure-craft insurance, and ask for a quote from Niugini Assurance.

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