• Workers' Compensation Insurance for PNG Organisations

    How will your employee and your business each navigate the recovery and legal processes that can follow a workplace accident in Papua New Guinea?

  • What to look for when considering workman's compensation insurance, and why

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    In the context of workers compensation insurance, a concerned manager contemplates

    A devastating employee accident can occur despite your best efforts. What then?

    When a workplace accident happens, it's what you do to put things right that matters.


    For the welfare of your team and business, you invest in health and safety audits, protocols, training, communications, and more.


    It's devastating when an employee has an accident despite your best efforts.


    Naturally, you'll want to support your employee and their family.


    They will need to navigate the recovery and legal processes that can follow a workplace accident.


    So will your business.


    Both parties might face devastating outcomes.


    In accordance with the Act, your workers' compensation insurance cover can provide an expert pathway forward for everyone involved. It's only right.


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    As an employer, your organisation needs to meet its statutory obligations to employees in terms of occupational health and safety.


    If a workplace injury to an employee arises, it can lead to a common-law action against an employer.


    In accordance with the Act, a workers compensation insurance policy can help sustain both parties through the costs of investigation, defence, and any compensation awarded.


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